Steel Strapping Kit 8 With Dispenser- 19mm Strapping (PSK8)

Steel Strapping Kit 8 With Dispenser- 19mm Strapping (PSK8)

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The manual banding tools are easy to operate, lightweight, and simple to work on horizontal or vertical surfaces without the need for specialized skills.

Pack includes everything you need to get you started:

1. Steel Strapping- 19x0.56mm (SS19ST): 

  • Length: 192m
  • Thickness: 0.56mm
  • Steel Strapping is commonly used to bundle and secure heavy loads such as bricks and scaffolding. Perfect solution for bundling, utilizing, palletising closure, reinforcement, security and case sealing.

2. Tensioner for Steel Strapping- 13 to 19mm (F1319EQ):

  • Proving tight and secure strapping for most types of packages. 

3. Steel Sealer for 19mm Strapping (S19EQ): 

  • It has a lightweight construction which makes it easy to control and operate. You can use this sealer with 19 mm steel strapping.

4. Steel Strapping Snap On Seals- 19mm (SO19BS):

  • Quantity: 1000/Box
  • This is the most popular seal for Steel Strapping and is used in most strapping applications. Tools required are a strapping tensioner and strapping sealer.

5. Steel Strap Dispenser (SSEQ):

  • Stops rolls from self unwinding. Easy to carry, front support for stability.

6. Edgeboard- 50X50mm(5ED):

  • Our edgeboards, also known as corner protectors, corner boards, angle boards or edge protectors, are used in a wide variety of industries. Give added protection to the products being strapped with strapping guards.
Steel Strapping Kit 8 With Dispenser- 19Mm (Psk8)