Liquid Hand Cleansers

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    Liquid wash-up or soap drops for office.

    Grime Time Industrial Hand Cleaner with Grit (5 Liters) 

    For really dirty hands. Does not contain solvents that would crack and dry skin. Contains grease cutting Eucalyptus Oil and is useful for removing oil and grease from hands. Cleaner also contains glycerol for moisturising as well as natural grit. This heavy duty hand cleaner is designed for use in mine sites, garages, manufacturing and engineering workshops. 

    Soap Dispenser with Refill Pouches

    The Modular 800ml pouch liquid soap dispenser is a pouch fitted dispenser, with a removable, replaceable pouch for foam soap. The dispenser holds an 800ml anti-bacterial 'red apple' scented soap pouch. The Modular dispenser is easy to clean and ultra durable, viding a perfect solution for all office, factory and warehouse bathrooms and cleaning areas.