Polyester Strapping Kit 10 With Dispenser- 16mm Strapping (PSK10)

Polyester Strapping Kit 10 With Dispenser- 16mm Strapping (PSK10)

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The battery powered banding tool is easy to operate, lightweight, and simple to work without the need for specialized skills.

Pack includes everything you need to get you started:

1) Polyester Strapping- 16mm(SPE16EST):

  • Length: 1450m/roll
  • Break load: 480Kg
  • Polyester strap is used as an alternative to steel straps. This strap is robust due to its high tensile and tear resistance and is very elastic. It is resistant to shocks and bumps and even in the long term, this strap is extremely robust and insensitive to UV light.

2) Battery Powered Cordless Hand Held Strapping Tool (SAF97EQ):

  • Suitable for Polypropylene Strapping or Polyester
  • Width of Strapping: 16-19mm
  • Thickness of Strapping: 0.70 - 1.27mm
  • Single-handed operation
  • Max. tension 400 KGS-heavy duty model
  • Brushless motor that delivers exceptional performance and durability
  • Bosch 18V Li-lon Battery 4.0Ah for long-lasting power, helping to minimise downtime while maximising productivity
  • Operation lever for easy strap feeding and tool removal

3) Polyester Strapping Dispenser (PEDEQ):

  • Heavy duty, robust design for high volume applications. Unique brake design stops rolls from self-unwinding.
Polyester Strapping Kit 10 With Dispenser- 16Mm (Psk10)