Poly Strapping Kit 5- Heavy Duty 15mm Strapping (PSK5)

Poly Strapping Kit 5- Heavy Duty 15mm Strapping (PSK5)

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The manual banding tools are easy to operate, lightweight, and simple to work on horizontal or vertical surfaces without the need for specialized skills.

Pack includes everything you need to get you started:

1. Heavy Duty Poly Strapping in Box-15mm (15HDST):

  • Break Load: 250kg
  • Length: 1000m/box
  • Pallet strapping can be used to secure boxes and packages, ensuring they stay closed during transit. This is a great option for use in warehousing and mailroom facilities to speed up the process of securing packages and cartons.

2. Heavy Duty Tensioner for Polypropylene Strapping- 12 to 19mm(P350EQ) :  

  • Perfect for adjusting tension straps on pallets loads. Use on all Polypropylene Strapping.

3. Heavy Duty Poly Sealer for 16mm Strapping(PSL16EQ):

  • Use this Poly Strapping Sealer to pack pallets, seal cartons and complete other warehousing tasks. It has a lightweight construction which makes it easy to control and operate. You can use this sealer with 19 mm poly strapping.

4. Heavy Duty Open Flange Seals for Polypropylene Strapping- 15mm(OF15HDBS):

  • Quantity: 1000/Box
  • The Open Flange Metal Seals are ideal for use with heavier items that need additional sealing strength.

5. Edgeboard- 50X50mm(5ED):

  • Our edgeboards, also known as corner protectors, corner boards, angle boards or edge protectors, are used in a wide variety of industries. Give added protection to the products being strapped with strapping guards.
Poly Strapping Kit 5- 15Mm (Psk5)