Poly Strapping Kit 3- 19mm Strapping (PSK3)

Poly Strapping Kit 3- 19mm Strapping (PSK3)

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The manual banding tools are easy to operate, lightweight, and simple to work on horizontal or vertical surfaces without the need for specialized skills.

Pack includes:

1. Poly Strapping in Box- 19mm (19BST):

  • Break Load: 200kg
  • Length: 1000m/box
  • Comes in a box for ease of use. Pallet strapping can be used to secure boxes and packages, ensuring they stay closed during transit.

2. Steel Buckles- 19mm (SH19BS):

  • Quantity: 1000/bag
  • Semi open Buckles use to secure poly strapping. Loop poly strapping through buckle, tighten and cut.

3. Edgeboard- 50X50mm(5ED):

  • Our edgeboards, also known as corner protectors, corner boards, angle boards or edge protectors, are used in a wide variety of industries. Give added protection to the products being strapped with strapping guards.
Poly Strapping Kit 3- 19Mm (Psk3)