VELCRO® Brand Logistrap™ Strap

Product range VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP™ Strap reduces cost in the supply chain by offering a reusable strap for securing goods to a pallet, significantly lowering packaging, recycling, and maintenance costs.

VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP™ Strap vastly reduces waste when replacing single use alternatives such as shrink wrap, metal banding, and plastic ties

VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP™ Strap secures and releases easily and quickly; no tools or equipment needed Available in two different lengths to best accommodate your particular application. Made with VELCRO® Brand woven hook and loop, LOGISTRAP™ Strap is soft to the touch and will not damage your packaging

VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP™ Strap does not hide bar codes and other identifying labels; warehouse scanning is uninterrupted. LOGISTRAP™ Strap is a reusable and versatile strap for materials handling applications in distribution centers, warehouses, and closed loop logistics to secure pallet boxes, sleeve packs, and collapsible containers.

Ideal for returnable plastic containers, sleeve packs, and palletized boxes

• Base material: Nylon with metal buckle
• Width: 50 mm (2 in)
• Lengths: 5 metres (16.4 ft) and 7 metres (23 ft)
• Minimum break strength: 225 pounds (ASTM D5034-09)